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Empowering Young People and Youth Workers to Become Active Upstanders in the Prevention of Violence Towards LGBTIQ+ People in the Digital Era

Training Materials on Bystander Intervention to Prevent Violence Against LGBTIQ+ Youth

Do you work with youth in formal or non-formal institutions? Do you want to know how to help change its culture to walk towards Zero-Violence? Whether you work or participate at a high school, a university,a youth, leisure or LGBTI entity, this training is for you!

At Up4Diversity (European Commission REC Programme Project) we have a clear purpose: Providing everyone working with youth with the science-based knowledge & skills that will help them be more successful in preventing and standing up against any form of violence, especially that aimed at LGBTI youth.

Bystander intervention, the action of all the members of the community against violence, has demonstrated to be key, and our training is all about teaching this approach.

The diverse Up4Diversity Consortium put together the following Training Modules which you can download and use for free in English, Spanish, Danish, Flemish, and Greek.

With these written modules, we organized this same training workshop in 5 countries. We had 10 parallel events between March and May 2022.

A certificate of participation was given to participants who attended at least 2 of the 3 sessions.



Check out here a didactic guide that will give you a sense of the training materials and each module, and hopefully encourage you to download the modules below, read them, debate them with colleagues and put the knowledge to practise!


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